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Our Top Six Recommendations For Upgrading Your Garden Decor

Our Top Six Recommendations For Upgrading Your Garden Decor

Gardening takes commitment, effort, consistency, and careful planning. Although fruitful when successful, the process of planting, watering, and caring for your plants can be daunting at times. However, gardening is much more than the plants one chooses to fill their space. There are tons of different decorating options to choose from when looking to spruce up your gardening environment from animal garden decor to simple-colored garden decor stakes.

Why Upgrade Garden Space?

Gardening in a space that stays the same for too long can become a rote habit rather than an intentional hobby. Habits often become monotonous and draining, which is exactly the opposite of what you want when working in your garden. This can cause interest in gardening to wane over time, deteriorating your view of your hobby and the status of your garden. 

Upgrading garden space from time to time refreshes interest and intention, making your garden hobby an eager pursuit rather than a dreaded obligation. Upgrading your space creates a hobby and practice that is pursued with intention and genuine interest. It also gives you a chance to show your hard and genuine work to those around you who will appreciate it. There are many ways to upgrade your space!

Colorful Arrangements

Different sprawls of flowers and plants add welcome color variety to your garden, but there's no shame at all in adding some artificial colors to your garden. Beadworx produces brilliantly colorful glass beads to make scores of different colorful arrangements. These pieces of garden decor are handmade in Haiti with authentic and beautiful craftsmanship. Be sure to coordinate appropriate color schemes when selecting which bead patterns and designs to bring into your gardening space. Choosing colors that match or complement the colors you have arranged in your garden will help keep your garden consistent and thematic. 

Color Palettes

Consistent with adding colorful arrangements, learning how to utilize color palettes in your garden sprawl can add volumes to the aesthetic of the garden. Contrary to what may seem normal, not everything in your garden space should be the same color. Too many matching plants or decor pieces create a monotonous color landscape and detract from the aesthetic of a garden landscape. However, choosing colors at random does little to benefit the color scheme of garden space and can actually add a chaotic look to a garden. 

It's important to become familiar with color schemes and to learn which colors complement each other the most and will work best with your garden environment. A generally reliable rule of thumb is the 60-30-10 rule. This rule states that 60% of the space should be a single, dominant color. 30% of the space should be a secondary color that complements the dominant color, and the remaining 10% should be a color used exclusively to accent the colors. 

This can get a little bit tricky since plants vary widely in color, but choosing colors that complement each other well can make your garden look beautiful, bright, and cohesive.


Color choices and color schemes only go so far. Upgrading the layout of your garden can be a game changer for your garden environment. There are multiple ways to do this effectively. 

You can change the layout of your plants themselves by moving them around, buying and using new or different pots and planters, or using garden stakes to spruce up the layout design.

Another way to do this is to add or change seating arrangements. Many gardens can be converted to seating or even dining areas without too much headache. Doing this opens up a wide range of possibilities. Sharing your garden space with your friends and family becomes much easier. Loved ones can sit and admire your garden space while relaxing in your company.

Create a play area for children, opening up the fun of gardening to people of all ages. This can be done with a variety of outdoor toys, but also can be done effectively with garden care tools made for children. When you create a play area, it also helps spark gardening interest in the minds and hearts of the little ones, cultivating what could be a potentially constructive and beneficial hobby in the future. 

Design Variety

A key element of upgrading your garden decor is utilizing design variety in your decorating. It's important to avoid monotony wherever possible. Avoiding monotony and finding new, exciting design possibilities is possible and effortless with the variety of garden decor patterns and options provided by Beadworx. Even with a sparse variety of colors, too much of one type of garden decor can become repetitive. Beadworx offers scores of different types of garden decor, each available in several wonderful color combinations. 

Design variety creates expansive possibilities. The layout of your favorite plants, the careful selection of seating arrangements, and your collection of garden decorations can all upgrade your garden in new and exciting ways.

Garden Stakes

Beadworx offers scores of handmade garden decor stakes that pair wonderfully with any garden design. There are a variety of types of animal garden decor to choose from, so whether you're a dog person, a cat person, a bird person, or a turtle person, we have you covered. These garden stakes blend with the aesthetic preferences of any who love to garden. 

Blending your decorative choices with the plants and flowers you have chosen to grow in your garden is simplistic. If one enjoys marine environments or beachy landscapes, Beadworx offers brightly colored garden stakes in the shape of crabs, mermaids, turtles, and tropical fish. If you enjoy the company of butterflies, dragonflies, and other common insects, there are decorative garden stakes that will match your garden environment wonderfully. 

Wind Chimes

The wind chimes we offer add a musical aesthetic to pair with the visual scene of your garden. Wind chimes are not only eye-catching but ear-catching as well. Plus, they can add a new dimension to your garden atmosphere. Similar to garden stakes, Beadworx also has a wide variety of color schemes and shapes to choose from. With these wind chimes, you are able to truly take advantage of the beauty of sight and sound as you upgrade your garden decor.

When you're ready to change up your garden decor and try something new, find all the styles, colors, and options you're looking for with our handmade beaded garden stakes, animal decor, and more!

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