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Now on FAIRE

Now on FAIRE

Have you heard of FAIRE? It is one of the many platforms available to the market for wholesale products. The website is well organized and easy to use showcasing a wide variety of products, FAIRE also offers some great perks, like 60 day terms.

The traffic FAIRE generates is a great supplement to our own website traffic, and it helps bring brand awareness to buyers around the world about Beadworx. A lot of the folks who had to stop attending and showing at tradeshows due to Covid shutdowns and isolations found other mediums to access markets. Buyers and vendors alike transitioned to this new world of online markets. There are plenty of others out there, and we'll be sharing our experience with them during the course of the upcoming months.

Once we partnered with Faire to sell our products online, Beadworx immediately became a hit and gained recognition with TOP SHOP STATUS!!!!

4.8 star for retailer rating and on track for another TOP SHOP Quarter

If you're new to Faire, sign up through the link below to get an exclusive $100* credit and a year of free shipping with our line.


The credit expires 7 days after signing up, so try our brand early!

We're happy to be a part of the online wholesale transition, and hope that other small businesses and manufacturers can gain access to worldwide markets as well.