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About Us


With the chance meeting of 2 incredible people, Lance Durban and Roseann Vitassa whose life missions it has been to help impoverished nations with job creation. Their stories evolved separately over the years but a chance meeting in 2015 has created a network and opportunity for over 50 Haitian artisans.
Haitian Beadworx artisans have spent several years mastering the street art craft of bending and wrapping wire frames and glass beads to make whimsical folk art. Originally developed in South Africa, Roseann lived there 15 years ago and collaborated with her daughter Kristen and local South African artists to develop the Beadworx line. She brought these beautiful pieces to people around the world, and we will continue to do so.
Extol Accessories Ltd., acquired the rights to Beadworx from production to sales. Extol Accessories is a family owned company that has steadily over 30 years provided jobs, education and even emergency shelter in Haiti. Part of our mission to increase job opportunities in Haiti. Wider access to the world market provides endless opportunities for growth for people in Haiti.

Extol has been helping other artisans and ateliers to access to the world market in 2 ways.

  1. by offering artisans the opportunity to join our Haiti Beadworx team of beaders for easy at home work opportunities. 
  2. by offering freight forwarding services. We are servicing over 30 groups and organizations with all their shipping needs from Haiti to anywhere in the world. Visit www.extolltd.com for more information


Beadworx is a "grass roots" company dedicated to developing community uplift by creating jobs where there are none. Our mission is to empower people to help themselves so they may proudly and steadily support their families, educate their children and create a better life. The Beadworx journey started 15 years ago when we brought an African wire bending craft technique to the rural villages of China. Kristen Depante (Artist) and Judy Liu (partner in China) worked tirelessly together to gather and teach a team of people to create our special whimsical sculptures. They developed a broad and unique infrastructure that has employed hundreds and hundreds of people. The opportunities we provided allowed men and women to bring in the extra money they needed without leaving their farms, and their families to support themselves.

Many things have changed in China in recent years, and now jobs are abundant everywhere. We're no longer needed there, but we have an extensive retail market. We are in many zoos, aquariums, galleries, resorts, garden centers, home décor stores etc. You may have seen us in places like Disney World, Atlantis, San Diego Zoo, Salvador Dali Museum as well as so many other National and Int ernational locations.  We are the only people in the World who design and create Beadworx sculptures, we must be able to supply the increasing demand for our pieces BY MOVING TO HAITI. Gift Shop Magazine featured a story on us and our move, check it out